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дамјан г. mk at net.mail.penguinista
Mon Dec 1 20:06:20 UTC 2003

За ваков софтвер сме се прашувале често, па еве го:


CPS3 is the next generation of CPS, and builds on the strengths of CSP2.

As CPS2, it provides:

    * Collaborative publication of documents
    * Indexation and previewing of office automation documents (MS Office,
StarOffice, OpenOffice.org, PDF, RTF, XML, etc. ).
    * Integrated search engine
    * Versioning
    * Mailing lists
    * Workflow
    * Integrated Meta Directory
    * Security (based on roles)

The new functionalities and features only available on CPS3 are:

    * Flexible revision and translation framework for content.
    * Single repository for content objects, that stores versions of
    * Event service: flexible tool to manage communication between tools.
    * Everything is workflow-driven, with placeful (local) workflow
association. Workflow can be tuned for very different purposes (e.g.
collaboration vs. publication).
    * Portal customisation system based on "boxes" with several boxes types
already provided.
    * Internationalisation (2 language are currently available in this beta:
english and french).

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