[Ossm-members] X11 6.7.0 [NEWS]

дамјан г. mk at net.mail.penguinista
Fri Apr 9 16:07:25 UTC 2004

The X.Org repository is based on XFree86 4.4 RC2. Just before its 4.4
release, XFree86 adopted a new license possibly incompatible with the
GPL. For this reason, X.Org has recreated its tree as closely as possible
without importing files affected by the new license. The monolithic tree
is being referred to as simply "XOrg". X11R6.7.0 contains substantial
updates beyond XFree86 4.4RC2, including updated versions of Render, Xft,
and fontconfig, and a greatly improved Cygwin/X port.


Еве кои новости ги има:

Ова не е истиот X сервер што поджува transparency и слично... ова е fork
на Xfree86 4.4rc2 пред да се смени лиценцата...

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