[Ossm-members] Re: ADSL modem drivers

Georgi Georgi
Mon Feb 2 17:27:59 UTC 2004

YonaSs напиша:

> mi treba informacija dali ima na nekoja Linux distribucija drajveri za ADSL
> usb modem ericsson HM121dp

Еве што ми одговорија од Ериксон кога јас прашував пред некое време за
истата работа.

А во МтНет иако Стевчо рече дека ќе пробаат не кажа дека пробале.

Погледај mk.comp.internet се праеше на долго и на широко муабет.


For information about ADSL modems, please have a look at the following

If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact your service
provider again for support of  your modem.
Ericsson has actually no support for the ADSL modems since Ericsson does
not sell them to the end customers.
The modems are sold to network operators and they sell the modems to the
end users.

     My phone company is offering ADSL internet and they
    are offering a package with the HM121 usb modem.

   They only offer support for WindowsXP. I asked and they where not sure
   if the modem has Linux drivers? I searched the internet and didn't
   find any mention of the modem either if it does or doesn't work under 

   Do You have linux drivers or know if it works with some other usb-driver?

The perfect OS, MS-DOS! 
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