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Mon Jun 7 10:21:35 UTC 2004

Hello List,

this is a desperate cry for help:

I'm currently working for FOSIM (Foundation Open Society Institute
Skopje) setting up a website for one of their educational projects
(Creative Teaching and Learning).

The site will be based on the famous open source content management
system Postnuke Phoenix 7.2.6. At the moment I'm desperately searching
for a translation for that CMS.

I know that there are several translations in use out there:



while the last two in the list are using some older versions of postnuke
(7.2.1) bagra and 4fun are using the very same versions of postnuke that
i'm going to deploy.

I've contacted some of the sites webmasters, but haven't succeeded in
aquiring a translation, some simply don't reply others claim that they
are to lazy to make it publicly available.

I've also found postnuke on the list of translated oss:


but with no link to any source 

So please, can anyone on this list provide me with a translation for postnuke 
in what so ever way (zipped version, or read access to the language section of
the language files in an installed version)? Or point me to somone who
can help me out.

cheers float

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