[Ossm-members] Postnuke Translation [solved] and Tooltip

Дамјан penguinista at mail.net.mk
Thu Jun 10 09:52:30 UTC 2004

> > Hmm, there should be no problems with UTF-8 on Windows boxes?!? What
> > kind of
> > problems did you encounter?
> `\u0447` (only lower case) is not being displayed instead there appears
> a box,although underlinux working in all available browsers. my guesses are,
> either the utf-able fonts on the computers in our office don't carry that
> character, or with my typing was wrong. originally i was typing with 
> some russian keyboard layout, that kept the dvorak style of my keyboard but
> didn't feature this and some other characters, so i circumvented that with
> some regularexp. and did find and replace with character from unicode
> character map. now i changed that setup and am working the few things in
> macedonian with the proper xmmap but had to sacrifice dvorak for that rare
> occasions. 

hmm, you now that \u0447 in UTF-8 is actually "\xd1\x87"?!? 
If you want to know more about utf-8 "man 7 utf8"

> i think i've experienced these things in some postnuke blocks, were on
> linebreaks the last character gets corrupted

This is a problem with how postnuke is coded, but also with PHP. PHP doesnt 
offer (as much as I know) Unicode strings (like python does for ex.) so its 
hard in PHP to know on which byte a character ends in multibyte encodings 
like UTF-8.

> never thought that internationalisation could be that pain in the ass
> =).

The main problem beeing programers ignorant to the problem, since GNU/Linux 
offers a good number of APIs to properly deal with i18n.


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