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Wed Jun 16 14:14:01 UTC 2004

hello list,

i had a problem, well my girlfriend had a problem, she is currently
translating a book into macedonian. she did that with macedonian
support, but her publishers wanted her to do it in makedonski tajms,
which is one of that braindamaged m$ fonts that overide character
encoding. hence she needed to convert quite a big text from good2bad.

well i tried the ooo converter, but 
1) had problems to install
2) didn't run (don't know why)
3) don't like ooo (abiword is much faster =))
4) well maybe i can do it, but how to explain to her (install ooo
install macro...)

so i sat down and coded a little php script, so she can do it online,

as an extra exercise i also did the other directions

hm files are encoded windows-1251 since utf-8 makes troubles with php

good2bad is tested and works without conversion faults
bad2good is not so maybe i made some typos

hm i have some advanced version (embedded in nice looking html) running, 
but having troubles getting the browsers recognize the encoding
statement in the header (maybe because the text is actually in english).
but since my webspace is a rather inofficial thing and my provider not
very happy with to much publicity i'm not disclosing the link for now.

well maybe somone of you could set up a site, or i can maybe include it
to my website project (which is gonna go public not earlier than mid-july).

so far i attached the two scripts (mostly stringtranslations)

if anybody has some constructive criticism i'd be happy, since i'm doing
that php scripting for 2 weeks now.

cheers float

ps: maybe someone should do some campaign against that fonts, i'd be
happy to contribute

pps: gotta do something with my subscription since i've subscribed to
some alias of my mailadress and always forget to change the from field
                       _        |    .''`.Florian Klinglmueller   
ASCII ribbon campaign ( )       |   : :'  :debian-ppc user        
 - against HTML email  X        |   `. `'`                      
             & vCards / \       |     `- float at jabber.org          
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