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> No, no. 
> Your script didn't work for me and also you sad that it didn't work for
> you? so I made another that worked. 
> You can do what ever you want with it. I just wanted to help. :)

thanks, well maybe that might be because i edited it to work with my
online setup, were i'm loading it into another php-file that takes care
of some html stuff, the problem that i have is that browsers simply seem
to ignore the encoding statement in the header (which is of course
missing in the posted scripts)

> Well the problem with this kind of simple php scripts and websites is 
> that when people have big documments in MSWord or OOO they'll 
> loose all the formating. And that is way worse than to google a little and
> find and DL some macro for their office suite. 
> You can download a MS word macro that converts yuscii to encoding fonts
> here. Most of the people here already know of it and use it.
> http://www.bagra.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=getit&lid=17

hm, at least in soros office nobody seems to know about it my girlfriend
and the people in her office as well. so my idea was more or less
setting up some centralized page.
the thing with the formatting stuff i know. 

the google a little and DL macro for their office suite, is exactly what
i mean. in my opinion a lot of people don't have this kind of working
practices, if you have a problem ask google read some mailing lists and
in 99% you will find a solution. I think many people will first try to
change fonts for several times until they really believe that this way
it's not gonna work and then just retype it.

furthermore i've just heard that there is even sth. installed in our
office, still people are retyping it. so what's the reason for that?
i think people are afraid (of doing wrong loosing their data whatsoever)
of using programs makros that don't belong to their usual range of pc
tasks, furthermore they feel left alone with those problems which makes
them even more afraid in using that kind of things. so they simply
retype it, because that is a task they know how to do, and they know
that they can't do a lot wrong. using an online converter with copy and
paste somehow follows that logic's, people know how to copy and paste.
of course i favour application that don't destroy my formatting, where i
don't have to drive zillions of kilometres with my mouse. still even i
do sometimes a lot of copy and paste, when i actually could do the same
thing automatically with a simple script. ah yes and i said people feel
left alone, talk to them through a website and they will feel more

well and actually another important thing about my idea was to give
certain information of how bad actually using those fonts is, because
for the sake of free and equal information and interoperability, the
final goal should be to extinct the usage of those fonts.

just my humble opinion


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