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Томислав Марковски wrote:

> She's not a geek you fool, she's a geekette :) 

Shortly after the first mass-produced calculator (1820), Charles Babbage 
<http://www.udayton.edu/%7Ehume/Computers/comp1.htm> began a quest to 
invent a programmable machine. His first difference engine was developed 
around 1842 as a scaled down version.  The full difference engine was 
never built. With Babbage’s 1842 difference engine Ada Lovelace 
mechanically translated a short written work. As a result she is thought 
to be the first programmer . (!)

*1947*    A moth, accidentally entering the *Mark II,* causes the 
failure of relay number 70 in panel F. The first "bug" has been "born". 
Mrs. Grace Murray Hoppers finds the poor thing and tapes it in her log 
book with an entry. Mrs. Murray Hopper will eventually become the first 
female Rear Admiral of the United States of America.

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