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Hello list,

a friend of mine who is actually involved with quintessenz
[http://www.quintessenz.org/] an austrian organisation that is dealing
with all kinds of internet, free software, digital rights, privacy,...
issues which is further cooperating with edri (european digital rights)
[http://www.edri.org/], forwarded an informal request by edri to me, as
they are searching for organisations in macedonia that might be
interested in cooperation with them.

now i'm forwarding that to you in the hope you as a free software
organisation might know someone.

you can post on this list or contact me privately and i will redirect
all inputs, since this is on an informal level (a friend that is
responsible for edri cooperation asked my friend if i ...)

feel free to answer in [simple] macedonian since i finally should get my
language skills together ;) 

ffpx float
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