[Ossm-members] Културата околу Гном

Arangel Angov ufo at linux.net.mk
Wed Jan 12 21:14:01 UTC 2005


Извадок од цитат од 2002 година:

    ”[KDE is developed in] /a big room somewhere in Europe with lots of
    chrome and glass and a great big whiteboard in the front with lots
    of tiny, neat writing on it. There are about 50 desks, each with
    headphones and pristine workstations, also with a lot of chrome and
    glass. The faint sound of classical music permeates the room,
    accompanying the clicky-click of 50 programmers typing or quietly
    talking in one of the appropriately assigned meeting areas./”


    ”[GNOME] /Development strategies are generally determined by
    whatever light show happens to be going on at the moment, when one
    of the developers will leap up and scream *‘I WANT IT TO LOOK JUST
    LIKE THAT’* and then straight-arm his laptop against the wall in an
    hallucinogenic frenzy before vomiting copiously, passing out and
    falling face-down in the middle of the dance floor. There’s no
    whiteboard, so developers diagram things out in the puddles of spilt
    beer, urine and vomit on the floor./”


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