[Ossm-members] Debian-3.1r0

Дамјан penguinista at mail.net.mk
Tue Jun 7 18:22:23 UTC 2005

Changes include Gnome 2.8, Firefox 1.0.4, Thunderbird 1.0.2, Apache 2.0.54 
(1.3.33 is still available, too!), Postgresql 7.4.7, and more.

Нормално коментарите на slashdot се неизоставни:
These are some of the things that happened between Debian releases:
a) The Olympic games returned to Greece.
b) The Pope died.
c) A German Pope got elected in a conclave.
d) Apple switched to Intel.
e) Watergate's Deep Throat identity was revealed.
f) The French rejected the European Constitution
g) Boston won the World Series.


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