[Ossm-members] Fwd: Urgent: phone call on OOXML in Macedonia

Ilija Iliev strumjan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 05:38:48 UTC 2007

Важи за сите

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From: Benjamin Henrion <bhenrion at ffii.org>
Date: Aug 25, 2007 10:08 PM
Subject: Urgent: phone call on OOXML in Macedonia
To: strumjan at gmail.com

Dear signatory of the <NO>OOXML petition from Macedonia.

Thanks for supporting our campaign against the ISO standardisation of OOXML.

I am urgently looking for people in Macedonia to call the Standards Body
ISRM, because we have rumors that Microsoft is trying to buy the vote of the

It is important to call your Standards Body as soon as possible to clarify the
situation on their vote.

You can try to ask to speak to Zaklina Sekovska, the President of ISRM, who is
responsible for the matter.

Standardization Institute of the Republic of Macedonia
Vasil Glavinov bb, blok 10 - mezanin
MK-1000 Skopje
Tel +389 2 329 89 44
Fax +389 2 329 89 45
E-mail isrm at isrm.gov.mk
Web http://www.isrm.gov.mk

At the same time, you can send an email to the standards body with the
following letter:


If you are available to help, please let me know.

Best regards,

Benjamin Henrion <bhenrion at ffii.org>
FFII Brussels - +32-484-566109 - +32-2-4148403

Best regards,
Ilija Iliev

gsm: +389 75 82 16 99
tel:    +389 02 3217 450

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