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Aleksandar Balalovski gemidjy at lugola.net
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>> On Thursday 22 November 2007 00:51:13 Yavor Doganov via RT wrote:


As a free software activist, you could invite other people from your 
community to contribute.  I know that you Macedonian folks are well 
organized (more than us Bulgarians -- I met personally several people 
from "Слободен софтвер" a few years ago and generally I follow your 
activities), so it's a real pity that projects like GNOME and KDE are 
keeping up ~100% translated, while articles at gnu.org -- that are far 
more important for our cause -- are untouched.

Ова изгледа супер критика, so let's get organized, да не нѐ испобијат 
блгарите :)

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