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Igor Stamatovski igor.stamatovski at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 18:11:43 UTC 2009

Mozilla Foundation launches online course - Hands-on open education
17 March 2009

The Mozilla Foundation (in collaboration with ccLearn and the Peer 2
Peer University) launches a practical online seminar on open
education. This six week course is targeted at educators who will gain
basic skills in open licensing, open technology, and open pedagogy;
work on prototypes of innovative open education projects; and get
input from some of the world leading innovators along the way.

The course will kick-off with a web-seminar on Thursday 2 April 2009
and run for 6 weeks.

Weekly web seminars introduce new topics ranging from content
licensing to the latest open technologies and peer assessment
practices. Participants will share project ideas with a community of
peers, work on individual projects, and get feedback from experienced
mentors. We will also take a close look at some of the most innovative
examples of open education projects, and speak to the people who
designed them, including:
* The Open Source Software courses at Seneca College;
* David Wiley's Introduction to Open Education;
* The open blog infrastructure at Mary Washington University; etc.

The course is targeted at educators who want to help shape the open
education future. Participants should have some knowledge of web
technologies, or open content licensing, or open pedagogy (or all
three), but don't need to be experts.

Interested in participating? Head to the course wiki, and submit your
project idea!

Course outline: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Education/EduCourse

Sign-up page: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Education/EduCourse/SignUp

For questions about the course or the sign-up process, contact:

Philipp Schmidt
Peer 2 Peer University
philipp at peer2peeruniversity.org

Contact Mozilla Foundation:

Frank Hecker
Mozilla Foundation
hecker at mozillafoundation.org

Contact ccLearn

Ahrash Bissell
ahrash at creativecommons.org


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