[Ossm-members] Доброволец да допреведе дел од Mozilla фајловите

Дамјан Георгиевски penguinista at mail.net.mk
Sun May 24 00:55:16 UTC 2009

> Firefox 3.5b4 е достапен на македонски, а не сум добил никаков feedback за
> преводот ... го тестира ли некој (освен мене)?

ова само ќе го прекопирам ...

To all of our great community localizers and testers...

Over the past few weeks, many of our Mozilla community members have done 
testing and landed fixes for Firefox as we close in on our release.  We 
are now in the last hours before we ship our release candidate that we 
can comfortably call Firefox 3.5.  If you have time this weekend, it is 
a great opportunity to do some last minute testing for your localization.

**Where to download the latest nightly version of the Firefox 3.5 
release candidate*

Please "hammer" on these builds mercilessly to make sure that things 
work well!  If you notice things that worked in Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 and 
do not work in this release, we would like to know about it right away.

**What to Test*
You can run a set of localization test cases by going to Litmus, 
Mozilla's testing suite.  This URL will take you to the "l10n run".


If you don't have a Litmus account, you should be able to create one 
quickly.  Please email us if you need any help.

**How to report feedback*
Please try filing a bug for your locale with Bugzilla.  The basic set of 
instructions are below.  If you are not comfortable filing a bug, you 
can report it to your locale leader who should be listed in the specific 
locale on this main Teams page:


Things to remember when filing a bug in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

   1. Always include the Build ID that you tested on.  If you type
      about: in the URL bar, this will give you the Build ID.
   2. Always include clear Steps to Reproduce the bug
   3. Always check to see if your bug has already been filed. This link
      will help: http://tinyurl.com/2465be
   4. Use the regression keyword if it indeed a regression from a
      previous release.  And, please tell us in the main comment of the
      bug if it is a regression from a previous release.
   5. If you happen to crash, please include the Breakpad ID in the bug.
      You can get this by typing about:crashes in the URL bar.

If you don't wish to file a bug, report issues through 
http://feedback.mozilla.org or through the 
mozilla.feedback.firefox.prerelease newsgroup (also available on Google 
Groups). However, we prefer bugs as feedback since those are easier to 

Finally, keep in mind that no comments or questions are off limits.  
Please send along any remarks, questions, feedback you think is 
appropriate at you test.  It's all appreciated.

Thanks to all of you for helping test Firefox and making it the browser 
of choice for millions and millions of people all over the world!



дамјан ( http://softver.org.mk/damjan/ )

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research"
That's what my supervisor used to say to me when 
I got depressed about lack of progress.

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