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Здраво на сите,

Една другарка ме замоли да го пренесам огласов. Ако на некој му се работи,
праќајте :)

Java and Mobile developers*

The number of people to be hired: 6


*Java Developers*
Aradiom is a visionary leader in enterprise mobility and security
solutions, developing disruptive global technology. Our focus is on
next-generation mobile applications, cross-platform application development
technology and security software; we provide best-in-class solutions for
governments and enterprises around the world. Our security solutions suite,
SolidPass, includes embedded soft-token security software with encrypted 2D
barcode support, as well as offline authentication methods. Aradiom
designs, develops and markets a broad range of secure mobile solutions
based on our Mobile Application Development Platform. Our unique code-free
and drag & drop platform revolutionizes the way mobile applications are
built, scaled and managed. Steve Jobs summarized our philosophy when he
said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” If you
would like to be part of the of the most international and innovative
software team in Skopje, join Aradiom.


   - a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics or
   related discipline from a reputable university
   - Prior experience with team-based development following a structured
   - Minimum 3 years of proven experience with OOP Concepts, Client-Server
   and Java Multi-tier architecture
   - Minimum of 2 years of J2EE experience managing application design,
   software development, maintenance and delivery with at least 2 years with
   application servers
   - Experience in developing a modular code with a must concepts like well
   commented, Logging mechanism, Exception handling & processing mechanism,
   code documentation, etc
   - Proven experience in relational database structures and SQL
   - Solid design, coding, testing and debugging skills
   - Superior organizational and time management skills. Solution oriented,
   researcher, self-starter, responsible, patient, adapt and learn quickly
   - Minimum 3 years of Java development experience


   - Knowledge of Eclipse SDK, open source tools, CVS/SVN, Ant, etc.
   - Experience in J2EE, MVC, GWT, Struts, Hibernate, Spring frameworks
   - Strong experience with Web architecture and Web design and development
   tools and languages, e.g. JSP, JDBC, Java Servlets, Javabeans/EJBs,
   JavaScript, SOAP.
   - Security Algorithms and Software
   - Encryption
   - Ability to travel

*Job Description:*
The candidate will be responsible for developing Java EE applications
and/or security solutions as part of our international R&D team.

Кандидатите можат да го испратат своето CV на следните адреси:
careers at aradiom.com и careers at solidpass.com.

Links: http://www.solidpass.com/
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