[2s.mk-friends] Cyber Wizard Institute in Prishtina: 5 to 23 June

Thomas Levine _ at thomaslevine.com
Wed May 17 06:02:12 UTC 2017

Cyber Wizard Institute is a mobile collaborative programming school that
focuses on modular, Unix-style software development. We are running a
session in Prishtina from 5 to 23 June. It is open to anyone who wants
to learn programming, regardless of present ability; even complete
novices are welcome. There is no fee to participate.

Well, that's what we tell most people, but the institute is really a way
of tricking normal people into learning computers by hanging out in the
hackerspace and fooling around and talking to each other when they don't
know what to do.

We invite your participation as a teacher or as a student, for as many
days as you like. Teachers are expected to hang out at the hackerspace
and answer students' questions once in a while. They can also give
presentations during the latter half of the institute.

We insist that the local students stay for the full course, but we will
make an exception for foreign students, in case you can't stay the whole
time. And we can most likely find you a place to stay.

Read more at http://cwi.flossk.org/. If you want to come, either fill
out the form or just reply to this email.

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