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Hi everybody,

There was some initial discussion about repeating the Mini DebConf (and
maybe the Fedora Women's Day too?)

I've made some comments about dates below.

In the Debian workshop at OSCAL, I demonstrated how to create a Debian
event by cutting-and-pasting from the 2017 Mini DebConf to create a
template for a 2018 Mini DebConf:


I felt the meeting with SHRAK was very positive and it would be a good
idea to consult with them about the date and to see if they can send a

Can anybody else suggest dates they like or dates that we should avoid?

If people prefer not to run the event again please tell me and I can
remove the page from the wiki.



26-28 September: Tirana is hosting LibreOCon


29-30 Septmber: this weekend appears to be a possible choice, some
people who attended LibreOCon may be able to travel up to Prishtina

5-7 October: the FSFE GA meeting

Location undecided, but I would potentially attend

13-14 October: FOSSCOMM

Greece (Crete) - will people from Albania and Kosovo be going there? If
so, maybe avoid this weekend.

end October: Outreachy internship application deadline
(last year the deadline was 23 October 2017, doing an event before the
deadline would give an opportunity for women who want to apply for the
internship to meet potential mentors at the event)

November: last year the France (Toulouse) and Cambridge Mini DebConfs
were in November, if repeated, the date may not be similar but it is a
good idea to avoid a clash with them.  Maybe check with teams in those
countries before fixing a date.  After choosing a date, announce it on
debian-events-eu so people are aware of it.

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