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Дарко Николовски darkon at
Fri Aug 29 08:58:29 UTC 2003

Ова е лого што го склепав набрзинка ... на теме МАЛИНА... доколку ви се 
свиѓа или не .. пратете забелешки или идеи за логоа...

I'm going through my "I want to go back to New York" phase today.  Happens
every six months or so.  So, I thought, perhaps unwisely, that I'd share
it with you.

 > In New York in the winter it is million degrees below zero and
   the wind travels at a million miles an hour down 5th avenue.
 > And in LA it's 72.

 > In New York in the summer it is a million degrees and the humidity
   is a million percent.
 > And in LA it's 72.

 > In New York there are a million interesting people.
 > And in LA there are 72.

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