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Subject: <nettime> Are all codes code?
Date: Вторник 4. Ноември 2003 17:01
From: Felix Stalder <felix at openflows.org>
To: nettime-l at bbs.thing.net

[This is unlikely to be a legal case, though from a semiotic point of view,
it's nevertheless puzzling. Is using images that are released under the GPL
the same than using source code released the GPL? Is including existing
images into new images, in this case, a screenshot of a kde desktop in a tv
series, the same as including existing source code into a new source code?

Posted by Jonathan Riddell on Friday 31/Oct/2003, @17:09
from the 24h-to-3.2beta dept.

The third series of television show 24 started in the US last week. In the
 aim to improve security, The Counter Terrorist Unit seem to have switched
 operating system from MacOS to KDE [1]. Interestingly they used a
 3-year-old KDE 1.x desktop. These older icons are made available under a
 public domain licence. If a GPL'd set of icons had been used, would we now
 be legally able to modify, sell and distribute the episode under the terms
 of the GPL over the internet?

[1] http://jriddell.org/24-kde.html


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