[Ossm-members] Re: Makedonija vo debian [NEWS]

Marko Simendić che at vidi.sig
Sat Apr 17 15:46:50 UTC 2004

Lokot na gubec, Marko Ivanoski, i sve bu v redu kak v Beču..

> Vladimir Stefanov wrote:
>> I posle samo nekoj neka kaze Debian rules
>> http://www.linux-bg.org/cgi-bin/y/index.pl?page=news&key=360713166
> Go ima ova negde na angliski oti niso ne razbiram so sakaat da kazat ova
> blgaristava?

There was a dispute in debian-user and debian-boot mailing lists over the way
Debian Sarge shows language names in its installer. The problem is in
following the ISO-3166 standard (in iso-codes package) by which every country
has a short and a long name (the both names for Macedonia seem to be FYRM).
Debian maintainers wish to avoid interfering in politics by following the
Some Taiwanese people were not pleased because their country is listed as
"Taiwan, a Province of China". It also appears that naming it otherwise would
probably cause Debian to be banned by Chinese authorities. They see a similar
problem in choosing a "politically correct" name for Macedonia in order to
avoid a potential dispute with the Greeks. This is the reason why, instead of
Macedonia, the installer shows FYRM. However, a Greek user claims that the
Greeks have no problem with not naming Macedonia as FYRM, as they can
distinct the country name from the name of the region in Greece. 
This is the way I have understood the problem, someone correct me if I'm
wrong. :) You can take a look at these links and see for yourself: http:/
lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/debian-devel-200404/msg00448.html, http:/
lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/debian-boot-200404/msg00195.html and

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