[Ossm-members] Re: Makedonija vo debian [NEWS]

Новица Наков novica at bagra.org
Sun Apr 18 09:04:23 UTC 2004

Marko Simendić wrote:

> They don't want to
> interfere in politics in any way. Not even with a proper cause. This way
> they can hide behind the standards. 

When using standards based on politics, you interfere with politics -- you
say that whatever the big guys do is OK. Hiding behind such standards is
plain stupid. This is why law is so important.

> Herbert Xu wrote in one of his letters that they (Chinese) are better off
> without Taiwanese using Debian. And I am pretty sure that naming Taiwan
> without emphasising it being part of China would cause Debian to be banned
> from China or, at least, to be boycotted by the Chinese. 

What I meant to say is that I don't know the whole history and politics of
China and Taiwan. What I do know is that their issue is quite different
form the one that Greece is having with Macedonia. That is why these two
should not be compared the way some people on those debian lists did. The
statements such as "Why Taiwan this, when Macedonia that" should be
avoided. People who write such statemets are trolls.

> replace the problematic string with an
> appropriate one and call the first CD Debian-sarge-mk. ;)

Yeah, will fork every project that can't get our name right. 


Don't you F.Y.R.O.M. me!

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