[Ossm-members] Re: Makedonija vo debian [NEWS]

Marko Simendić che at vidi.sig
Sun Apr 18 10:10:33 UTC 2004

Lokot na gubec, Новица Наков, i sve bu v redu kak v Beču..

> When using standards based on politics, you interfere with politics -- you
> say that whatever the big guys do is OK. Hiding behind such standards is
> plain stupid. This is why law is so important.

No, I didn't say that it is OK. I said that it is unavoidable. At least until
Macedonia settles this with the UN or Debian chooses a different standard. Is
there any standard that can be used instead of ISO-3166? 
Another question is whether in this issue they should follow an official
standard at all... In a way, there must be a standard here even if it means
creating a new one. Therefore, Debian would interfere in politics again.
It is not an easy question and when it comes to this, keeping Debian away from
politics is an impossible task.

> form the one that Greece is having with Macedonia. That is why these two
> should not be compared the way some people on those debian lists did. The
> statements such as "Why Taiwan this, when Macedonia that" should be
> avoided. People who write such statemets are trolls.

That comparison can only be made as an example of clashing political interests
that affect Debian. Every further generalisation of these issues is a proof
of ignorance. I don't know if those users have drawn any other parallels
between Macedonia and Taiwan besides the most general one. Even if they have,
it doesn't make them trolls. They might be just plain ignorant.

>> replace the problematic string with an
>> appropriate one and call the first CD Debian-sarge-mk. ;)
> Yeah, will fork every project that can't get our name right.

Well, if it bothers you so much, you are free to do it since maintainers seem
pretty determined not to mess with ISO-3166... It would be a pity if someone
in Macedonia stopped using Debian because of this issue...

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