[Ossm-members] Ubuntu linux (TheOpenCD)

Darko Nikolovski darkon at npk.com.mk
Tue Dec 7 07:23:25 UTC 2004

Georgi Stanojevski wrote:

>Ќе биде ли некој добар да го преведе ова? Овој текст ќе стои на 
>TheOpenCD по линк "Ubuntu Linux... ... if you're ready to move beyond
>Ај ве молам и така сте попалени сите по Убунту. :)
>Ubuntu Linux is a complete open source desktop operating system. The base
>system and all included software is available for free. Support is
>available from the community or by professional support providers. "Ubuntu"
>is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". Ubuntu also means
>"I am what I am because of who we all are". The Ubuntu Linux distribution
>brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.
>TheOpenCD and Ubuntu have teamed up to support each other's development and
>distribution. The recently released LiveCD version of Ubuntu contains a
>slimmed down version of TheOpenCD prepared by our team. With the LiveCD you
>can run Ubuntu directly from your CD drive without installing anything on
>your system. If you are ready to leave the frustrations and worries of
>Windows behind, we recommend the Ubuntu LiveCD as the next step on your
>journey to software freedom.
>A brief tour
>The standard user interface is based around the Gnome desktop
>environment. When you start the system for the first time you are greeted
>by a desktop that is unusually clean and tidy. No desktop icons by default!
>Even the recycling bin has been moved down to the taskbar. The default
>theme Human is designed to be easy on the eye. But Linux is inherently
>flexible; you can customise the look and behaviour of the desktop in a
>range of ways, from simply changing the default theme to selecting a
>different desktop environment altogether, such as KDE.
>The Applications menu gives you access to a selection of useful
>programs, while the Computer menu contains system settings. Ubuntu includes
>more than 1,000 supported pieces of software, starting with the Linux
>kernel version 2.6 and Gnome 2.8, and covering every standard desktop
>application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to internet
>access applications, thumbweb server software, email software, programming
>languages and tools and of course several games. If you should require more
>software, simply use the Synaptic package management tool to download and
>install programs from the freely available software repository. The
>Universe repository features a further 10 000 applications from the
>venerable Debian project.
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