[Ossm-members] Fwd: [MDK] Translations to Macedonian

Danko Ilik danko at on.net.mk
Mon Feb 23 17:49:38 UTC 2004

Ima li kandidati za preveduvanje?
Ili duri i za koordiniranje na prevodite?
Neka mi pishat mene ili direktno na Pablo.

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Subject: [MDK] Translations to Macedonian
Date: Thursday 19 February 2004 22:32
From: Pablo Saratxaga <pablo at mandrakesoft.com>
To: Pablo Saratxaga <srtxg at chanae.alphanet.ch>


Looking at the http://www1.mandrakelinux.com/l10n/mk.php3
status page it seems that the translation level for Macedonian
language is not very good...

I understand that you may not be interested anymore in contributing
to Mandrake Linux translations; but could you pass the word
that translators for Macedonian are welcome?
You can tell them they can write me for details.
That would help a lot, as I'm not aware of the places where
to find possible interested people.

Thank you very much.

Ki ça vos våye bén,
Pablo Saratxaga

http://chanae.walon.org/pablo/		PGP Key available, key ID: 0xD9B85466
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