[Ossm-members] Re: Igrici

дамјан г. mk at net.mail.penguinista
Mon Jan 26 14:43:30 UTC 2004

> Mrezna igrica, treba da raboti na linuks, na P133 so 32RAM. Preporachlivo
> pucachina. Predlozi?

на тој хардвер само doom - само незнам дали е мрежен doom-от...
... евентуално quake 1 да го пробаш, opensource е.

Дамјан                                  (jabberID:damjan at bagra.net.mk)

Just a hint for all you guys:
  don't shake up the hot sauce bottle unless you are fairly sure the lid is
on it
-- Just shows how dangerous open sauce is as opposed to closed sauce 

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