[Ossm-members] Postnuke Translation [solved] and Tooltip

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Wed Jun 9 12:43:10 UTC 2004

Hello list,

thx to damjan and bagra i have a working macedonian translation now.

there were some issues with file permissions that i could easily solve
with a little shell script.

i'm will finish the website (hopefully) soon. therefore i'm going to
translate some other modules i use (e.g photoshare
http://www.elfisk.dk/index.php, Xforum) when everything is finished i
will of course make it available.

but now for some other issue:

i'm doing most of the development with gnome bluefish html editor. till
now i was using utf-8 character encoding, where i encountered some
problems on m$ boxes with little 'che' ('c, similar to 4 :) so i was
anyway planing to change the encoding.

as the translation is encoded with windows-1251 standard (?) this seems
to be a reasonable solution (although i don't like the idea of a

the problem now is that bluefish doesn't support that standard. so can
anyone maybe point me to a nice text-editor (favourably with syntax
highlighting) available for debian that is supporting that standard.

many thx

cheers float 

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