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Hello list,

On 06/09/04 14:49:53, \u0414\u0430\u043c\u0458\u0430\u043d wrote:
> > i'm doing most of the development with gnome bluefish html editor.
> till
> > now i was using utf-8 character encoding, where i encountered some
> > problems on m$ boxes with little 'che' ('c, similar to 4 :) so i was
> > anyway planing to change the encoding.
> Hmm, there should be no problems with UTF-8 on Windows boxes?!? What
> kind of
> problems did you encounter?

`\u0447` (only lower case) is not being displayed instead there appears
a box, 
although underlinux working in all available browsers. my guesses are,
the utf-able fonts on the computers in our office don't carry that
or with my typing was wrong. originally i was typing with some russian 
keyboard layout, that kept the dvorak style of my keyboard but didn't
this and some other characters, so i circumvented that with some
and did find and replace with character from unicode character map. now
changed that setup and am working the few things in macedonian with the
xmmap but had to sacrifice dvorak for that rare occasions.

one hint that the flaw might be on my side is that iconv shows problems
just that '\u0447', with some 'strange' find and replace - copy and
paste - black 
magic i was able to solve the problem and convert to windows-1251.

hm, going to play around with that things a little bit =)

> The problem with utf-8 is that until MySQL-4.1 becomes stable it won't
> have
> native utf-8 support. You can still put utf-8 data in a mysql DB but
> some
> functions (for ex. case insensitive string compare) will not work.

i think i've experienced these things in some postnuke blocks, were on 
linebreaks the last character gets corrupted

> > as the translation is encoded with windows-1251 standard (?) this
> seems
> > to be a reasonable solution (although i don't like the idea of a
> > window-standard).
> >
> > the problem now is that bluefish doesn't support that standard. so
> can
> > anyone maybe point me to a nice text-editor (favourably with syntax
> > highlighting) available for debian that is supporting that standard.
> You can still work with UTF-8 and then use "iconv" to convert the
> files to
> windows-1251 or something else.

as stated before iconv seems to offer the solution.

never thought that internationalisation could be that pain in the ass
=). but 
that issues are nothing against the fact that most text's that i should 
include into the site are typed with some strange fonts and not properly 
formatted (actually i guess this fonts are just drawing macedonian
over western characters meaning that no way i can do any copy and paste
have to retype them =( )

thx float

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