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zlochko at on.net.mk zlochko at on.net.mk
Thu Jun 17 11:16:15 UTC 2004

Лично сметам дека за groupware најубаво ќе биде да се
искористи (а и конечно да се преведе) PHProjekt.


- Modular Structure
- Different stages of privileges
- optional group system
- ldap access for users and contacts
- supports 25 languages
- API to include other applications
- guided installation, update and configuration

- Single mode: views for day, week, month and full list
- Group mode: view schedules of several users together
- Insert events into the schedule of other users
- Create profiles for frequently used groups
- Repeat events: each day, week, month or year
- Assign a comment, contact or project to an event
- Keep an event private or allow to publish
- Start and end time of an event clickable
- reserve resources (e.g. rooms) for events
- SMS or email reminder
- print each view

Contact manager
- Import/export contacts in different formats
- keep contacts personal or open to the group
- Table view of all project members
- sort by all categories up and down
- history: view related notes for a contact
- filter system

Time card system
- Quickbuttons for 'start' and 'end' in the main screen
- Optional: out on duty - back from duty
- Manual Inserts afterwards are possible ...
- ... optionally with a note to the chief.
- Assign working days to several projects
- shows all users who are '@ work'
- Monthly overview

- Subprojects with unlimited depth
- List of projects with tree structure
- Status of project maintained by project leader
- Assign appointments to actual projects
- Statistics results: who worked on which project
- Timeline/Gantt diagram of all projects
- view related notes or files

- view members who are online
- Save actual discussion in a file
- View threads in tree structure
- n elements per page
- filter system
- print postings

Request tracker
- aka known as help desk or trouble ticket system
- Customer adds request on special page
- optional sets due time
- searchable knowledge base of solved requests
- automatic confirmation by mail
- automatic or manual assignment to users
- List- und Form view
- Sort- und Filterfunctions
- Define a request as a subproject
- Assign work time to request (for later billing)

Mail client
- pop3 or imap access
- send and receive mails
- ascii or html format, attachments
- supports several accounts
- rules to assign mails to folders
- display mails in tree structure with folders
- Fax and SMS support

- files, intranet links and directories
- tree structure with folders
- restricted access system for each file
- table view of all group related documents
- Filter for large file lists
- sort by all categories
- upload section

- Save your personal memos and thoughts
- Quick overview on all notes, edit function
- assign a contact or project to a note
- Kepp a note private or open to the group
- Copy or mail to another user
- Full text search

- Bookmark list for a quick access to important URL's
- editor to insert new bookmarks
- check for double entries

Voting system
- select individual persons for a vote
- Editor to create the voting
- Up to the three answers possible (single or multiple)
- Table view of all actual and past votings

- access by password only for admin
- Manage group, users, projects, resources, timecards
- check for dead links in bookmarks
- delete old threads from the forum
- miscelleanous

Todo list
- quick insert of short memos
- user with chief status assigns todos to others
- list view with delete option

- Small window that shows the actual events
- Additional option: allert box reminds you before an event

Search System
- full textr search in single module or ..
- complete site search

and more ... 

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