[Ossm-members] Re: Mozilla Localization with PO Files 1.7b

Georgi Stanojevski georgis at unet.com.mk
Mon Mar 22 23:35:25 UTC 2004

На 22 мар 2004 (понеделник), дамјан г. напиша:

> http://freshmeat.net/releases/155110/
> About: Mozilla Localization with PO Files provides Mozilla DTD and
> properties files converted to the Gettext PO format to allow easier
> localization using one of the graphical PO editors such as KBabel,
> GTranslator, or poEdit. These files are created using the moz2po
> application from the Translate package.

Старо е Дамјан ова, а Новица више преведе во транслаторот све. :)

The perfect OS, MS-DOS! 
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