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Wed Oct 6 13:33:02 UTC 2004

Dear friends and colleagues,

we\'ll be grateful if you can disseminate this information.

Vera Lysikova
Youth Human Rights Movement


International Network - Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM)
Antifascism and Tolerance Campaign

International Graphics Contest

Unauthorized Persons... are Welcome!

2nd stage October 1 - December 31, 2004

This world is not becoming better, there are more and more
challenges every day.

Among them there is rise of extreme-right movements,
discrimination policies, violence based on ethnicity etc.
becoming more and more dangerous and hard to prevent. We
are looking for new ways to stop this aggression and raise
generations in the spirit of tolerance towards others. We
believe that art has a great potential in bringing positive
change. This is not our invention - many pre-war
anti-fascist posters are well known in Europe. This is our
time to
take the baton and run with it.

If you have the gift of drawing, creating visual products
or web-sites, or just have an idea of an image that could
move people\\\'s minds - then you can share and contribute
to the dissemination of peace.

- antifascism, tolerance, peacemaking, non-violence,
intercultural cooperation;
- Peace Symbols\' - symbols carrying the spirit of
peacemaking and tolerance;
- Heroes\' Images\' - outstanding people or literary
characters famous for their contribution to the cause of

Main award: publication of your work in thousands of copies
and spreading it throughout Europe.


Any graphics which can be printed on informational
materials or placed in the Internet. For example:
- sticker layout,
- poster layout,
- web-design,
- logo,
- and other.

Requirements specifications:
- the deadline of the contest is December 31, 2004
- work should be saved in JPG format, not more than 1 MB
capacity (if it doesn\'t fit
- put it in the Internet and send us a link);
- submissions should be sent to antifa at ynnet.org ;
- the official languages of the Contest are: English and
- all participants should fill in the Participant\'s
Passport\' application form (you can send request to

In this Contest everybody will win. What you can get:
- the best layouts will be used in publishing information
materials ;
- the works of the finalists will be put on sites;
- awards (diplomas, prizes etc.);
- opportunity to participate in other Campaign elements
(research, conferences etc);
- chance to participate in the Heroes of Modern Times\'
- an extraspecial something which you can\'t even

Organizational committee:
e-mail: antifa at ynnet.org


Antifascism and Tolerance Campaign is a chance to make our
contribution to the cause of peace!

It includes research, informational actions, issues of
educational and methodical materials, antifascism measures
of course the graphics contest, the products of which will
be used in the Campaign.

More about YHRM: http://yhrm.hrworld.ru
More about YHRM Campaign and the Contest


The 1st stage was conducted in spring 2004. Contest was
bilingual (Russian, English) and young people from Russia,
Ukraine, Belarus, Malta, Belgium, Estonia, Kosovo,
Macedonia. We got more then 50 works and more then 30 of
them became
laureates and winners.

Maxim Abrakhimov
Caucasian Youth Human Rights League

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