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On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 07:17:44PM +0200, ???????????? ?????????? wrote:
> linuxlists at float.lefant.net ????????????: 
> > now i'm forwarding that to you in the hope you as a free software
> > organisation might know someone.
> I was expecting an attachment or something with more info in your e-mail. So 
> please send some more information about this. Now I'll click on 
> http://www.edri.org/. 

sorry, maybe i wasn't clear enough about that. That was a very informal
request in the form of a jabber message, i'll translate the message:
"My friend Lena, who is responsible in Quintessenz for edri (...)
cooperation, asks if you might know anyone in macedonia that they could
cooperate with. 

so what i want to do, probably can be seen as some kind of
brainstorming, if there are potential intersting organisations i will
try to bring this on the next level.

maybe we should also discuss in how far ossm is interested in something
like that.

I don't really know edri myself, but i know the people from quintessenz,
which is a bunch of hackers and other people that are close to net
culture, computers, digital anything and engage in all kinds of cultural
and political issues (copyright, swpat, privacy, ...).

> btw, float, I remember you said you are working on some kind of project for 
> Macedonian schools, right? Do you live in Skopje at the moment?

yes i do, both working on a project with macedonian schools, as well as
living in skopje. given that my friends in austria imply that i'm fully
aware of all the possible organisations operating in macedonia. well
since i don't i just forward these question to the people/groups i think
that might know about.

ffpx float

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