[Ossm-members] Massachusetts Adopting 'Open Format' Software

Georgi Stanojevski georgis at unet.com.mk
Sun Jan 23 13:21:25 UTC 2005

Ај за тие што не пратат Слешдот.

"A Massachusetts state senator who had complained about the state
government's effort to promote open-source software at the expense of
proprietary software has hailed the state's effort to reach a compromise
over future software purchases by the state. The latest iteration of the
state's policy emphasizes 'Open Formats' such as TXT, RTF, HTM, PDF, and
XML." And if file formats for state use must be in truly open and free
formats, then it matters much less what OS or application is used to create
or open them. (On the other hand, XML and other TLAs don't always mean free
or open formats.)


Мало интересно делче од текстот, зашто ова некој го смета за "downgraded"
мене не ми е јасно. :) Во секој случај, интересна дефиниција за отворени
стандардни која не иритира никој и може да се вметнува во македонските
проекти за е-влада. 

The earlier emphasis on "open-source" software has been downgraded in the
latest parsing of the policy, and new emphasis is being given to "Open
Formats," which Kriss described at a recent meeting of the Massachusetts
Software Council as: 
"specifications for data file formats that are based on an underlying
open standard, developed by an open community, and affirmed by a standards
body; or, de facto format standards controlled by other entities that are
fully documented and available for public use under perpetual,
royalty-free, and nondiscriminatory terms."

The perfect OS, MS-DOS! 
No patches, no root exploits for 21 years.

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