[Ossm-members] prevod na linspire

Kristijan Spirov kristijan.spirov at stb.com.mk
Fri Jan 28 07:47:10 UTC 2005

Od Linspire newsletterot:

We've calculated that there are 168,000 words in the Linspire operating
system. All those menus, dialog boxes, and help files add up quickly.
Late last year, we announced IRMA - a project to get all those words
translated so all the core desktop Linux components can be in as many
languages as possible. We had a great initial response 

Language		Number of volunteer translators	Percent Complete
Macedonian**		0 				31.9%

** These languages are in the migration process and are expected to be
available to volunteer translators over the next few weeks. If you'd
like to be notified when these languages become available for
translation, please email translationteam at linspireinc.com


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