[Ossm-members] Fwd: Not a bag of money exactly, but Open Source jobs....

Novica Nakov novica at bagra.org
Mon Feb 5 23:44:30 UTC 2007

Ајде, работа во редхет овде... 

Видете го текстот подолу и како што ќе прочитате најдолу човекот вика:
„Let me know if any of your members are interested - thanks.“

Па кој е заинтересиран нека ми испрати мене URL со неговото CV и јас ќе ги 
пратам кај Киат. 

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Subject: Not a bag of money exactly, but Open Source jobs....
Date: понеделник 5. февруари 2007 00:16
From: Kiat Huang <khuang at redhat.com>
To: info at slobodensoftver.org.mk
Cc: Novica Nakov <novica at bagra.org>, Damjan Georgievski 
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On http://www.freesoftware.org.mk I read with interest your org's info and
the last line said: "We would appreciate any kind of help, from some good
 advice to a bag of money. :)"...

What I do have is 4 open positions in my team.

# Brno, CZ
# Cork, IE
# Paris, FR

Help Desk is effectively a special operations group inside the IS/IT
organisation in Red Hat.  We are growing very rapidly as a team, and
also in terms of the broad services we provide to the company's users
and business units.

We're looking for smart people who much prefer to use Open Source
products in their daily work.  The Help Desk team supports Red Hat
internally in a very wide range of services, from desktop system
administration, support, training, internal tools R&D (software
development), system management of over a 1000 Linux PCs, user
data backup company wide, and many other services.

Help Desk also leads Productivity Applications and we're building up a
formal service desk for the IT department in addition to that of the
IS department which we handle already.  It is an extraordinairy
phase for the team, growing faster than anyone expected yet being in
control of our destiny.  On any given day a team member will be resolving
user problems of all technical types, implement existing, and participate
in, designing new solutions, desktop SA (Systems Administration), some
server SA, test/write some code/tools, represent the team at the business
level interfacing with other non-IS/IT groups, training, writing
 documentation and, all together, making a distinctive personal contribution
 to the development of what a (Linux) Help Desk should be.

Add to that: a practice of earning early responsibility for a global
piece of our business, the prospects of travel and working abroad,
performance based promotion, and via VTL (Virtual Team Lead) responsibilities
exercising leadership and man management skills in a variety of areas.

We believe in the power of Open Source in the right hands (almost everyone
right ;-), and the application of those principles to not just software
but extending this to Services and how they are implemented.

It's a great time to join the team, we are getting large enough to allow
distinct specialization at a business and/or technical level on top
of a growing very high level of skill and experience due to our rapid
team development model.

Members of the current team include former:

- server SAs
- a trainer specialising in the desktop and security
- Help Desk professionals
- Computer Science students, straight from college, with Linux support
- an Open Source researcher and programmer
- a migration specialist (Windows to Linux)
- an IT consultant who also designed an Indian call centre
- Unix support specialists

Let me know if any of your members are interested - thanks.




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