[Ossm-members] Linux sysadmin pozicija

Viktor Vojnovski sparks at on.net.mk
Tue Jan 8 14:54:23 UTC 2008

Дечки, ова ми стигна на мејл.

Hi Viktor,

As per our telecon, please note we're looking for a Junior Sys Admin 
whose responsibilities and requirements are listed below. If you happen 
to know someone who is interested and match the criteria, please contact 
me at the below contact details.

RESPONSIBILITIES would be but not limited to:

Manage and optimize office networks and hardware from a distance.
Perform audits on computer use.
Participate in the implementation of a highly available virtual 
application server.
Support web servers including Apache, IIS, and Lite.
Monitor and optimize virtual application server health and performance.
Anticipate and prevent problems. Resolve problems when they do arise.
Implement and improve procedures to enhance server availability.
Perform upgrades to the application server.
Stay technically current with new technologies.

The two first are the most important right now. We need somebody that 
will figure out exactly what hardware, software, and internet connection 
each of our offices currently has and how they are set up. Once he has 
all this information he has to set them up so that he can perform audits 
on computer use.

REQUIREMENTS would be but not limited to:

Understanding of high availability topologies.
Understanding of SQL database administration
Experience with Vmware or other Virtualization technologies.
Experience with Linux and Windows operating systems
Experience with deploying Web services
Familiarity with the use of Windows and MS Office
Ability to recognize priorities, meet deadlines, and work under pressure.

ASSETS would be but not limited to:

Microsoft Certification (MCP, MCSE)
Knowledge of Microsoft IIS, Apache, and Lite
Experience as a SQL Server database administrator
Experience with Load balancers

Please feel free to contact me if you need anymore info or if you are/or 
know someone who might be interested for this position.
Best regards,
Nikola Spasovski

Radix Technologies

mobile: + 389 70 242 909
email: nikola.spasovski at radix-technologies.com

Виктор Војновски

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