[Ossm-members] мозила гости во скопје - средина на април

DZvonko Nikolov dzvonko at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 14:49:02 UTC 2009

Blagodaram Novica i cel tim, prvo za poddrskata
i ubavite zborovi, a potoa za razbiranjeto.
Toa mnogu ke ni znaci zatoa sto takvi nastani
obicno gi odminuvaat pomalite gradovi.

Ovoj mail go dobiv i vekje odgovoriv, eve i vie
da ste vo tek:
Yes, we are ok with that. Just tell me when and
I'll wait for you on the city entrance. Place easy
to find is Global (big shoping center in the center
of the city), Kulturen dom (centre culturel, also in
the center of the city), Goce Delcev (big monument
in the centre). Don't worry, you can't be lost in
Strumica. My mobile phone is +389 76 434 678.
Any time is good time. See you soon



Pozdrav i se nadevam na skora sredba.

2009/4/9 Новица Наков <novica at bagra.org>:
> еве го нивниот одговор:
> We can try to pass by beafore going to Skopje. But it will be short. Please
> let us know of a place easy to find in the town. We'll try to be there around
> 12 o'clock to stop by, maybe eat something and chat.
> Are you ok with that ?
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