[2s.mk-friends] FLOSSK конференција - 12 ноември - повик за презентации

Damjan Georgievski penguinista at mail.net.mk
Fri Nov 4 17:27:09 UTC 2011

> Ваљда треба да се пријавиме овде а?
> http://sfk11.eventbrite.com/

би требало да се пријават сите што планираат да одат, да.

Мене ми ја прифатија презентацијата за CouchDB, така да сигурно идам.

Еве го воведот:

Introduction to CouchDB and CouchApps

I have several to offer CouchDB is a leading NoSQL implementation, the
idea of the talk is to show how different the NoSQL approach to 
is compared to relational databases, and what is their domain of use, 
and pitfalls. CouchDB is a good example since it's a canonical NoSQL 
simple to install and use (very approachable), and also I can show some 
I've made with it.

The presentation will be split in two parts.

First part about the "theory" behind CouchDB (and most NoSQL databases),
how it achieves ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability), 
about the MVCC concurrency model (vs locking in the SQL world). Also 
I'll talk
how CouchDB uses map-reduce to query the database, the benefits of it's
HTTP REST interface and its unique features like multi-master 
replication, and
real-time notifications.

The idea of the theoretical part is not only to give an overview of 
what CouchDB
is, but also why it implements things differently than relational SQL 
How the needs to scale modern web apps, cloud services etc, required 
approach to databases. That's why we have a lot of NoSQL databases today
which share a lot of the approaches with CouchDB, so my hope is for this
presentation to also be a generic introduction to NoSQL databases too.

Second part will be some hands-on simple demos, some of mine apps, and 
use of CouchDB in the wild:
Ubuntu One, GeoCouch, OpenData projects in some American cities, 


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