[2s.mk-friends] Локализирање на We Make It

Aleks aleks at slobodensoftver.org.mk
Sun Sep 16 19:37:48 UTC 2012

On 16.09.2012 21:27, Marko Doda wrote:
> Да, а да го направиме ова викендов па за другиот викенд може еве Boxes 
> :), сеа само Алекс да даде фајловите, ќе се организираме на ирц и у 
> сабота да го стокмиме.
> @Mike yeah, thanks for the info, i think Aleks and Luca are working on 
> something, we are just organizing an translation marathon to help with 
> the Macedonian translation.

I'm waiting for the final files from Luca, as soon as I get them I'll 
post them :)

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