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Subject: Lisp in Summer Projects
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Have you ever found an open source project that you wish was written in

Are you someone who has always been meaning to program in lisp, but haven't
found the right motivation?

Is there an open source project that you have been meaning to contribute
to, but instead you're stuck on the couch playing video games?

Stand up, sit down and start programming, because the Lisp community is
coming together for the summer.

Lisp in Summer Projects <http://lispinsummerprojects.org/>is a contest
where YOU create the most innovative, creative, fun, awe-inspiring software
in Clojure, Scheme, or Common Lisp.

You'll have a good chance at a $2000 Grand Prize, a ticket to a major lisp
conference, possible speaking engagement and much more! With many second
place prizes of $500 dollars and t-shirts galore.

Check out the site for the rules and conditions, then hit those
parentheses.  Because where we're going, there is no precedence.
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