[Ossm-members] Re: KDE vs. GNOME showdown :)

Ivan Stojmirov stojmir at linux.net.mk
Fri Apr 2 12:30:45 UTC 2004

Georgi Stanojevski wrote:
> Еее бе гикови, никој не се пријавува ни прелиминарно. Може во играчница да 

A guy is taking a walk and sees a frog on the side of the road. As he 
comes closer, the frog starts to talk. "Kiss me and I will turn into a 
princess." The guy picks the frog up and puts it in his pocket. The frog 
starts shouting, "Hey! Didn't you hear me? I'm a Princess. Just kiss me 
and I will be yours." The guy takes the frog out of his pocket and 
smiles at it and puts it back. The frog is really frustrated. "I don't 
get it. Why won't you kiss me? I will turn into a beautiful princess and 
do anything you ask." The guy says, "Look, I'm a computer geek. I don't 
have time for girls. But a talking frog is cool."


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