[Ossm-members] Re: Makedonija vo debian [NEWS]

Новица Наков novica at bagra.org
Sun Apr 18 23:29:17 UTC 2004

Marko Simendić wrote:

> That would be the best way to do it. However, 

And when you say "however" everything crashes into wreckage. Sounds like:
"Hey, I want to try Debian GNU/Linux, however someone told me that
it......" :)

> In this case, this is for the UN or a similar
> organisation to do, 

And for the countries involved, of course.

> not for Debian maintainers. 

But what pisses me off about the Debian maintainers (and few other) is when
they say that they don't take sides in these stuff, they don't want to get
involved in politics. And they actually DO get involved. 

And it is very simple (at least in the Macedonian issue). Follow the law oh,
great developers, follow the law.

We should stop talking about this, we are walking in circles.


Don't you F.Y.R.O.M. me!

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