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Marko Simendić che at vidi.sig
Mon Apr 19 10:21:46 UTC 2004

Lokot na gubec, Danko Ilik <email blocked>, i sve bu v redu kak v Beču..

> Yes, FYROM is worse because it is an acronym that looks like a regular
> country name (it has vowels). At least, the long form contains Macedonia,
> and implicitly carries the message that it is a non-sense solution for a
> country name.

Huh... You are right... I haven't looked at it that way... Yuck...
Disgusting... :) But I always thought that it spells FYRM, without vowels...
My bad...

> Which reminds me, why don't they use all-capital letters in writing country
> names? In the ISO standard, all names are written in capitals. We should
> insist on this, it is how it is in the standard. I'm serious.

I don't know, maybe they do? Anyone seen the new debian-installer?

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