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eventually pasted the wrong mail adress =(

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 11:12:41PM +0200, Georgi Stanojevski wrote:
> > good2bad is tested and works without conversion faults
> > bad2good is not so maybe i made some typos
> > 
> > if anybody has some constructive criticism i'd be happy, since i'm doing
> > that php scripting for 2 weeks now.
> Florian, i attached two files the first(convbad2good.php) is a php script
> it translatets the YUSCII ("Makedonski Tajms") font in to windows-1251
> encoding.

> If you want to output something else (iso-8859-5, utf-8) first convert the
> file with iconv 
> (iconv -f windows-1251 -t utf-8 convbad2good.php > bad2utf.php)
> and change 'charset=windows-1251"' in 'charset=utf-8"' in the html output.

ok thanks, though i don't know what you want to tell me, is there any
problems with my script and yours is the fix, do you want to state prior

> The second one is a a bash shell script which uses 'tr' to convert from 
> yuscii to windows-1251 code page. To output something else just iconv the
> file.

thanks for that, could be usefull

now what is actually my point about that scripts. it's not that i want
to show of any kind of coding art (i think most of you girls and boys
can do better). 
my point was that i think a website were people can copy and paste the
texts they want to convert should be [1] a great feature to the public
and [2] a great opportunity to get publicity to OpenSource.

[1] I've seen that this conversion problem is not an exotic problem that my
girlfriend eventually encountered but people have to deal with that in
my office quite often and most of them simple retype the things.
So now we have seen that i'm not the first coming up with the idea
providing some peace of software for that job, there is already
downloadable software, some geeks have their own scripts  and maybe
there  is even a hidden macro in m$ word, but jane and joe average don't
use it. why? because they don't know about it, because it's to
complicated for them, to install a macro, to install a program. average
computer users just love online things were they can copy and paste even
if that is a lot of physical work for your mouse.
it's easier for them to click on a bookmark and copy and paste, then to
go to a site, download a packaged binary, unpackage it, and install it,
or even worse install ooo install a macro, use a macro, since i've
experienced that macro's are pretty suspicous to many users 

How could such a page look like, a simple to remember url, some
explanation about character encoding, at least why yuscii is a bad idea
nowadays the converter and maybe a download for all these programs that
are already coded, for those who want to do the job on their machines.
well and of course some notes about OpenSource. 

[2] Well to conclude, my experiences with OS promotion in Austria, install
fests are great, but mostly only people who could install linux on their
own go their.
Free Knoppix CD's are even better but only people that have seen that
you can actually do usefull things with linux try them.
So you have to start at the roots, let people do what they always wanted
to do but never could because m$ just doesn't care about them, and tell
them "well you just used linux". Talk to them through a website
understand their fears about computers and they will love you.

just my humble opinion


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