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Мислам дека најдобро би било како фраза целосно да се преведе како
„Организатор на простор“ или „Организатор на диск“ или сл. 

volume (AMOUNT)

1) [C or U] the amount of space that is enclosed within an object or solid
Which of these bottles do you think has the greater volume?

2) [U] the number or amount of something in general:
It's the sheer volume of traffic in the city that is causing the problems.

noun [C] 

1) the person who is responsible for managing an organization:
a bank manager
a station manager
the production manager
I wish to speak to the manager.

2) the person whose job is to organize and sometimes train a sports team:
a football manager

3) The manager of a singer, actor or other entertainer is a person whose job
is to arrange the business part of their work.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Инаку линкот е:

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> Речникот кажува
> Partition = делба, поделба; преграда, параван.
> Веројатно „дел“ би бил најсоодветен превод!

Знам дека ова нема врска со превод на партиција ама how about: 
"организација" ?
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