[Ossm-members] Re: prevod na linspire

Новица Наков novica at bagra.org
Fri Jan 28 17:50:53 UTC 2005

Arangel Angov напиша: 

> Linspire не е слободен софтвер, зашто би ги помогнале? Како што рече
> стојмир, ако сакаат нешто нека си платат.

Што се возбудуваш толку?

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Linspire logo

Linspire, previously known as LindowsOS (also Lin---s, pronounced as Lindash), 
is a Linux distribution based on Debian. Linspire targets the consumer user - 
its distributors market it to home users more intensively than all other 
Unix-based or Unix-like distributions except Mac OS X.


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