[Ossm-members] Fwd: PC-BSD looking for Macedonian translators!

Vlado Peshov vlatkop at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 16:27:43 UTC 2006

Не знам дали сум единствен шо го примал овој мејл, али за секој случај ви го
препраќам на листа.

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From: Charles A. Landemaine <landemaine at gmail.com>
Date: Feb 27, 2006 4:42 PM
Subject: PC-BSD looking for Macedonian translators!
To: "Charles A. Landemaine" <landemaine at gmail.com>


I am Charles, a volunteer of PC-BSD, operating system based on KDE.
I am in charge of finding translators, and I was wondering if you
could help me out. We need translators from around the word, including
Macedonian. Would you like to help us translating?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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