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Subject: [DBD] Subscribe to the Free Software Supporter
Date: Tuesday 11 March 2008
From: "Joshua Gay" <jgay at fsf.org>
To: "Aleksandar Balalovski" <gemidjy at lugola.net>

 DefectiveByDesign.org DefectiveByDesign.org DefectiveByDesign.org
I'm writing to let you know about the first issue of the Free Software
Foundation's monthly news digest and action update: the Free Software
Supporter. Each month the Supporter will bring you success stories,
news of upcoming action and events -- for DefectiveByDesign, as
well as our other campaigns, the GNU project, and throughout the free
software community. Our first edition was already mailed out, but you
can read it in our archives listed below.

Sign-up for the Supporter today, by joining our very-low-volume
mailing list: 

Free Software Supporter, Issue 1, March 2008:
  HTML Version: 
  Text version: 

Thanks again for all your support!

In solidarity,


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