[2s.mk-friends] come to our conference

Arianit Dobroshi arianit.dobroshi at flossk.org
Sat Jul 4 12:09:41 UTC 2009

Hi Novica,

That sounds like a plan. We too have a lot to learn and look up to
your glory days.

Paper should be about 1,000 words. There might be other candidates
speaking on this but there are no commitments yet.


Hi Arianit,

> July 15 Kosovo Software Freedom Conference 2009 Call for
> Papers deadline is approaching.

We are thinking about a talk on Decaying Free Software
Communities or What did we do wrong and (maybe) how not to
repeat it.

I'm not sure about the paper though. Maybe we won't have
enough time to write it. Can you tell us how many words we
need for a paper?


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