[2s.mk-friends] Job advertisement : Web Developer x 2 @ Siyelo

Новица Наков novica at bagra.org
Tue Jun 23 13:53:44 UTC 2009

> * Up to 4 hours paid time per week allotted to "other activities"  
> including open-source hacking, writing books and blogs, education and  
> other internal initiatives.
>   * Strong emphasis on culture and lifestyle, overtime/weekend work  
> discouraged, frequent team outings and social events, office ping-pong  
> table, Wii etc.

Прв пат овие две да ги видам во оглас. Браво.

Уште сигурно да се придржуваат до
Saying what they'll do, then doing what they say.



Важно: http://bugs.softver.org.mk/index.php?tasks=all&project=7 !

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